Would you drop them as friends?


So my boyfriend is joining the Army and his best friend's girlfriend has constantly been telling my boyfriend that he cant do it and that he wont make it ect. And really trying to sike him out. She even went as far as to take her boyfriends phone and text my boyfriend acting like him and saying that my boyfriend "is not mentally capable". She even started to belittle him on Instagram. I told my boyfriend that he should distance himself from them because his bestfriend hasnt been standing up to his girlfriend and saying anything to her, which in my mind is just as bad as the words coming out of her mouth. She has constantly been trying to break up my boyfriend and his bestfriends friendship. (She has a grudge against my bf because my boyfriend caught her cheating on his friend a few years back and told his friend about it. ) the point of this is would yall drop them at this point? They are literally bullying him, like they are grown adults thinking this is okay.

Update: so my boyfriend's (previous) bestfriend called him one night asking to talk to my boyfriend being all apologetic ( I mentioned this in a comment) and my boyfriend picked his friend up to talk to him. Well his friend was beyond drunk and didnt even have anything to say for the discussion. So my boyfriend decided that if his friend cant even be sober for a real talk and cant even support him then he is done with him. My boyfriend is so torn, they have been best friends for years and this was my boyfriends go-to man. But he said that he needs people in his life that are here for him. He was friends with the girlfriend but couldn't care less about her. 🤷‍♀️