Who's with me..

Rachel β€’ πŸ–€ Stay at home Mom & wife. Girl #3 on the way πŸ’œ

30/31 weeks now. 3rd pregnancy. I have a 12 yearold and a 21 month old. I'm so tired yet ny mind wants to nest. It's making me so annoyed and crazy because I have so much to do and so little energy. Then when I get a tiny whim of engery my back and hips kill me later lol.

All normal I know. I just had both my others at 38 weeks. So I'm trying to still completely do a bedroom for the toddler. Hubby replacing drywall due to a leak in the wall we found 3 weeks ago (room was just storage room for a year), new flooring thanks to leak for room also, then paint and put furniture in. I couldn't help do anything in there yet since he had to bleach and clean out black mold in the walls frame work.. so he has to spend his days off trying to do it. I feel helpless!