Should I even tell him I'm pregnant??


My partner and I started TTC earlier this year and we were able to conceive after only a couple of months. Sadly, I'm having a miscarriage (or missed abortion as my OB called it). The egg sac and fetal pole aren't showing on my scans and the gestational sac isn't growing (2 weeks ago it measured at 5w2d even tho the app said I should be 7w5d and today it only measured at 6w1d).

The thing is, I hadn't told my partner that I was pregnant yet. His birthday is on Tuesday and I was going to surprise him with the announcement. He's a chef and I found an adorable "sous chef" baby onesie. Now, I'm debating whether to tell him at all. Part of me thinks I should out of excitement that we were able to conceive in the first place, but the other part of me doesn't see the point.

What do you guys think I should do?

And if I do tell him... How?

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