PGD Testing? Help!

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We have our consult next week, along with my SHG and sounding u/s. But the consult is only regarding the PGD testing (I filled out all of the paperwork and stuff already), which I'm cool with. They're good at answering my questions if they arise.

But, ladies, I'm so torn! I dont know if we should the PGD test or not. I quit my job to do this and be readily available. I'm in school but do plan on going back to work after it's all over. We are lucky, a lot of this is covered through insurance. Regardless, were still spending a lot of money on this. I've done some research and idk what to do now. I'm not sure if it's worth the cost but I also dont want to be in a situation where I should have done it initially. The problem is on my end. My husband is 37, sperm is good all around; could be a little higher in count but average for his age. I'm 27 and have PCOS and endo. Though I had most of it excised last year along with my ovaries drilled.

So, those who have done PGD testing, was it worth it? Give me the good, bad and ugly, too. I want to know all of it.