I did a thing today...

Meagan • 👼🏻👼🏻 🌈👶🏻 Bryson Lendell 8/14/20 💙

I have been really struggling emotionally with coming up on the 2 year mark of my first miscarriage and the 1 year mark of my second for a few weeks now. I was suddenly stuck in a chapter of grief and feeling sorry for myself and I couldn’t make it stop. I realized I needed to close the chapter. I feel like this memorial of my 2 angel babies is my closure. A way to take something completely wretched and ugly and turn it into something beautiful. And I couldn’t be more in love 😍 the artist did such a great job and was so utterly respectful and then thanked me for trusting him to do it 🙏🏻❤️

And I know there will be plenty of people that don’t understand “needing a tattoo for it”...and that’s totally ok. No one else has to. It’s for me and I think it’s absolutely perfect 🤗