I just need to Vent!!😢

Lost my first baby in January (missed miscarriage) 9weeks baby had no heart beat 😢 during first ultrasound been ttc since February no luck i just feel so disappointed every time i get my period.. my finance wants another child so bad i feel like I’m a big failure Why Me? Why is it so hard to get pregnant mind you i found out i had uterine fibroids two to be exact measuring 10 cm and 8cm and would be high risk if i get pregnant again but there is nothing else in this world that i want other than someone to call me mommy... On another note! Im getting married next year!! Every month im patiently waiting on those two pink lines.. IM Ready to Be A Mommy 👶🏾👶🏾 sorry for the rant!! I just needed to Vent!! Baby-dust to everyone!!