I have a higher sex drive than my bf

Me and my bf have been together for 3 years and lived together for majority of our relationship. I’ve had other partners and done some “crazy” things but he’s never been with anyone but me. He says he doesn’t feel confident in himself but I try so hard to make him feel good and boost his confidence but it never seems to be enough. I always tell him “I’m down for anything and everything you just have to tell me what to do” He also says he has “no experience” but over the past 3 years we’ve done a lot!!! I’m so attracted to him but he never wants to have sex at night because he’s too tired and has to get up at 6am. I understand but how do I know what the right time is? Every time I try to talk to him he gets mad and yells, and once someone yells at me I just shut down and cry I can’t talk I’ve told him this it’s something I’ve dealt with for a while and am working on to this day. I wrote down all my feelings but he said “why can’t you just say it to my face?” I’ve always been a sexual person, it makes me feel loved and that’s how I feel like I can express my love the most. He’s said multiple times that sex means nothing to him.. I don’t know if I could continue our relationship knowing this means so little to him, yet I feel like my world is ending.