The Waterpark- Part 8


He keeps his knee on top of my stomach making it almost impossible to breathe. He searches my closet. I assume for something to tie me up with so I can’t fight him. I feel another tear roll down my cheek.

“Carter...” I think to myself.

Jaime turns his attention back to me and I see he’s holding two long sleeve shirts. Without a word, he takes my shirt off. He takes his knee from my stomach and I begin coughing. He doesn’t say anything. He lifts my arms up and ties the shirt at my wrists and drags me over to my headboard to prop me up. He moves to feet and ties the second shirt at my ankles. He keeps my feet dangling over the side of my bed. He moves back up to my face and kisses me. I don’t kiss him back.

“ Kiss me back.”

“ No.” He pulls something from his back pocket and I feel cold metal touch my side. I look down and see a knife.

“ Kiss. Me. Back.” He says. I kiss him back. His tongue grazes my bottom lip asking for permission to enter my mouth and I grant it to him.

“ Carter please.” I think.

He begins to kiss my neck. His lips are rough and calloused. He moves down from my neck to my chest. He licks in between my boobs. He sets the knife down on the bed. He then pulls back the strap at the front of my bra. He pulls the strap forward and the bra snaps and falls to the floor. I begin to sob. He massages my boobs. His hands, much like his lips, are rough and calloused. He sucks on my nipples. I try to shake him off of me and it doesn’t end well. He picks up the knife within a millisecond and cuts my side.

“ Ah!” I scream.

“ Don’t fight me.” He growls. He reaches down to my sweatpants and the tears begin flowing. They won’t stop. He reaches into my sweatpants and begins to rub me. I’m sobbing so loudly and it’s like he can’t hear me. He says nothing but lifts himself up. He continues rubbing me as he searches my desk. He opens drawer after drawer until he finds what he’s looking for. My heart drops at the sight.

Duct tape.

He pulls a piece of duct tape from the roll and presses it onto my mouth. He begins rubbing me faster.

“ Oh.” He groans and I throw up in my mouth. He begins to slide down my sweatpants when a voice stops him.

“ Jaime.” The voice says. He looks up at the voice and stands up.

“ Carter. How nice of you to join us.”

“ Carter? Carter!” I scream inside. I turn to look at Carter. He turns to me. I shake my wrists and ankles violently and make as much noise as I can with the duct tape over my mouth.

“ I know, I know. I’m gonna get you out of there. I swear to God babe.” He says calmingly. I nod to let him know I understand. He turns his attention back to Jaime.

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