I feel like crap


I feel really shitty right now. So in the morning I randomly started panicking because I realised my period had been late by 3 days. I went to the pharmacy, got a pregnancy test, came home, and immediately started my period lol. I was happy but now I've got a terrible mood swing. Also the fact that the guy I'm kind of seeing? Idk? He's in a bad mood today and won't talk to me properly and I somehow feel it's my fault (completely irrational thought but a thought that is messing with my head, nonetheless). He's the first guy I've actually genuinely liked in a long ttime. And he's always been so understanding and treated me better than anyone else ever has. Its also super hot where I live and I have work tomorrow and everything feels horrible right now. I feel a little stupid for getting so irritated but idk I'm just so upset right now. I just want to curl up in a ball and cry. I feel like trash.