Dragging Zodiac signs


Sagittarius- the sags I know are rude and careless with everything they do.

Gemini- they are rude to people they don’t know well, and they talk trash a lot. They act like they know everything

Virgo- Everything has to go their way and they seem to get frustrated easy.

Libra- nice to your face, but they are just a little boring and can be fake sometimes

Aquarius- kind of selfish, and don’t really think about how anything they say or do hurts others

Cancer- they are moody and complain a lot

Leo- have a big ego and are arrogant

Aries- can be rude and careless

Taurus- they think they are never wrong, and are very stubborn.

Pisces- avoid confrontation and aren’t straight with how they feel

Scorpio- will do something mean to you and when you do they same thing they will get extremely mad

Capricorn- selfish and want to make themselves look better than everyone else

These are in order from my least favorite to my favorite. Can anyone guess which one I am?

Also, these are just based on people I know