Anyone starting solids??


My son is 20 weeks. I have rice cereal because the dr said it would help with reflux, which it didnt. I just gave him a little on a spoon and he would lean forward and open his mouth like he knew what to do. I only let him have a few bites because I KNOW it has no nutritional value, and it considered a crap baby food. I just wanted to see if he was interested in it at all. Which he for sure was. I DO NOT plan to give him rice cereal again. So I dont need the articles and blah blah about how it's not a good first food. Lol I know all that, I just didnt want to open a jar of baby food and have him hate it so, the cereal seemed like the best test. The dr said I could have tried at 4 months but he didnt seem ready then. Now at almost 5 months hes interested in us eating and seems to know what to do when a spoon is near lol just wondering if you consider it too early? I get so worried about all this lol but I dont wanna prevent him from growing by holding off on solids if hes ready!