I found condoms in my husband's car..

And then said I'm stupid for not believing him and trying to make me feel bad for asking saying he believes in monogamy and I'm stupid if I think he's cheating

he said he got them from doctor appt a year ago then said he got them a few months ago before I got my IUD but we thought we ran out of condoms and we weren't having sex and not once did he bring those up And if they were for us why would he keep them in the car? I asked and he gaslighted me

And I found our condoms that we lost a month or 2 ago and there seems to be less of them?

He cheated before - he texted his ex when we first got together saying he missed her and was flirting and trying to get back with her but when I asked about that he says he did it to "mentally abuse her" I wish I stayed gone