Leaving a temperamental sleep baby for a night


Hi everyone,

Our 9 month old is a bit of a nightmare when it comes to sleep. He will be put down at 7:30, wakes up maybe 30mins- 1 hour later.

We then get him back to sleep with a cuddle or rocking him, but he can sometimes fight daddy depending on the mood.

Anyway, once 11pm/midnight hits, he will refuse to go back into his cot and we have to go to bed, with him cuddled up beside me. Myself and my partner are the only ones who have ever gotten him to sleep. He’s never had a babysitter, never been to crèche, and it’s just us who really take care of him.

Anyway, it’s been nearly 18 months since I’ve had a night out, and 9 months since my partner and I have had a date night. I’m just worried about going out and leaving my little nightmare baby with our parents, or my sister. Have any of you had experience with leaving a baby behind with someone, whether it’s a family member, or childminder, when your baby is a difficult sleeper.

I just feel like a need a night out, not all night, but for a few hours at least, and I just feel like I can’t go because it will be torture for whoever agrees to mind him while we’re gone.

Any help would be seriously appreciated