I'm ready they are not


So iv been with my partner since September 2018

We are very close , moving the right decision in life together.

We spoken about the future and I think we are on the same page.( Well I think )

We are in a long distance relationship about 2 hours away from each other

She comes down when she can, shes got a busy life style with work and golf and her family are very demanding ( her family dont like me as I'm independent )

I have 2 kids and live on my own very good with money ,Bill's,and have a great relationship with there dad and family and friends.

She wants me to move to Essex as it will suit her better with work and stuff. But I wasnt willing to do that as the kids and school and there father ( has cancer only on a time limit ) so I like to keep them close. But he lives a hour away anyways.

See them every 2 weeks for weekend ( if his up for it )


I said to few months ago that I wasnt willing to move , she said the same so I said ok we leave things here as theres no future after a few days she came back to me and said she will move here as the kids and stuff and her when her mum is better ( breast cancer ) 4 months later her mum got 2 treatments left then the OP to patch her up better and make sure it's all gone. I completely get where shes coming from Considering that.

Last night we was talking about her moving here and as her landlord might be selling and she said I'll move back into my mums , I was abit taken back Considering she said she would move here with us.

I feel like she only that few months back to get me back! As theres no plans been made for her to move down she doesnt talk about it! Like id ont know when nothing. I dont want to be waiting around for ever for her to ready if that makes sense as this long distance relationship is killing me. I feel like I'm waiting around all the time waiting for her to come down.

( cant go up there as personal issue ) otherwise I would 100%

Just dont know what to do

Some advice would be lovely thanks