Why do I get treated like this.

I’m just lost right now. I don’t have friends to talk to about any of this. When my husband got home from his second deployment is when most of our problems started. Then I got pregnant and it all got worse. Our daughter is now almost a year and half and I’m at the point where I don’t know if I even want to be with him anymore. If he’s annoyed or mad at something he treats me like shit. If I voice my opinion on something random and he doesn’t like it, he treats me like shit. If I tell him how he made me feel he gets mad and treats me like shit. When things are good, they are great but lately that’s a rarity. He has never physically hurt me but he has many time emotionally. When he gets mad it’s scary. The other day he got mad over a stupid yu-gi-oh card (he’s 25) and he was talking to me like shit so I told him to either talk to me nicely or don’t bother because I don’t deserve that and he freaked the fuck out. We argued for about an hour and half and by the end of it when I went to get ready for work he was so pissed he put a hole in the wall somehow and broke our baby gate. I was actually scared of him and I didn’t want to leave our daughter alone with him even though I don’t think he would ever hurt her. None of this makes sense and there is SO much more but idk. I just needed write a little big down and see what other think. The worse he treats me the more I want to leave but I would have literally nothing. I work and go to school but I don’t have nearly enough in savings for it to be helpful.

EDIT: he hasn’t ever been in combat. He’s a Seabee in the navy so he builds. He hasn’t ever been deployed to a place that would give him PTSD