So basically me and my gf have been dating since Feburary and her birthday's coming up and I have no idea what to get her or even if I should get her anything. Especially since we've had this conversation but we never agreed to get each other something and I want to surprise her but her birthday is after mine and I know if I get her somethig and she doesn't get me anything then she'll be upset about it for ages. Plus we were meant to meet up for my birthday but she can't make it due to tests so she's already upset about that and we have different friends do we can't spend her birthday together either since she's going out with them and then on holiday all summer.

So essentially two questions:

• Do I get her a present?

• If yes then what do I get her because I honestly have no idea😭


So my nickname for her is queen and since we both like jewellry I decided to get her this ring cause she's the queen of my life. And yes I know the name of the product is princess but all the queen ones were too jewel-heavy or not in her size