All Mommies, please help!!??

Reina • Married ❤️ Mommy to the best little boy💙

My 13 month old son has been having trouble staying asleep at night. It’s not every night but some nights when I lay him down in his crib he immediately jumps up, literally almost jumps, and starts screaming crying. At first I thought maybe he had an ear infection that I didn’t know about but that’s not it because he’s totally fine throughout the day and he’s okay with me laying him down for a nap. My son has never been a terrible sleeper, he started sleeping throughout the night at around 3 months old & sleeping in his crib in a different room at around 7-8 months old so this has come as a total shock to me 😕 I’ve of course googled and everything I read is either separation anxiety, teething, a phase, overly tired, or his routine is off. I’m not so sure about separation anxiety since he’s with me 24/7 & his routine has stayed consistent. Has anyone else experienced this with their babies? If so what did you do to help make it better? Or what are your opinions? I desperately want to help my baby boy! 💙💙