Being referred to a specialist


So I am 23 years old. I’m 5’1 and weigh 145lbs. I’ve never had a normal period. I was put on birth control to regulate my periods because I could go months and months without having a period and when I did it was horrible. When I was 16 I was told I had PCOS because of my very irregular periods and excessive hair growth. My husband and I have been trying to conceive since January. I’ve taken letrozole 2.5, letrozole 5, letrozole 7.5, and clomid 50mg. Unfortunately, I didn’t ovulate on any of them. My progesterone is very low even on these drugs like (0.30,1.0,0.45,0.30) During one of those cycles I had CD 3 hormone testing done which came back in a normal range. Now, since I am not responding to these meds my OBGYN has referred me to a fertility specialist. I am very discouraged and really worried that I am all screwed up. But can anyone give me any advice on what I can expect from seeing a fertility specialist. What kinds of testing and other options I may have? Thanks!!