Possible Herpes Diagnosis

So a few days ago I was experiencing some itching and burning in my vaginal area. I assumed that it must’ve been a yeast infection and bought some items to clear it up buuuutttt it only seemed to get worse. Sores began forming in the he labia area so I went to the urgent care. The doctor said it looks like the herpes virus but ran some test to be sure. Needless to say I am scared at this point. But I’m also worried how I’m going to tell my boyfriend about this. He’s the only person I’ve had sex with and to think that this could’ve came from him comes as a blow since I know I’ve never stepped out on him.

I’m not sure if I should wait until I get the test results or if I should say something now? And also how would I even start that conversation with out being accusatory? Any advice or suggestions would be a great help!