is this real life?

Sabby ✨

instead of testing early this month, i told myself to just wait it out, if AF comes, then i have my answer! AF was due on the 4th, and no sight of it. so then by the evening of the 5th when it still hadn’t showed i though hmmm, should i test in the morning? and then i thought no no, it’s been 2 days late before, how about friday morning... if it’s not here by thursday night i’ll test friday morning.

naturally, i hardly slept last night! i so so badly just wanted morning to come so i could test. i knew in my heart that something was different this time. i have NEVER had sore boobs like this! 😂

so i got up, fed the cat, went to the bathroom, hubby was still half asleep. dipped that stick, started my timer, looked away, but after about 15 seconds i peeked and my jaw dropped.

that second line showed up faster than the control line!!! ✨ and darker! it was like yesssssss girl you’re pregnant!! 💪🏼

so i come out of the bathroom holding the test behind me, snuggle in next to my man and said “sooooo i don’t think you’ll be able to go to colorado february” (he’s been talking about it for months and really wants to go for the nhl outdoor game 😂), and then i lift up the stick and show him and he was like “whaaaaat! you did it!? we did it!?”

i am over the moon! and speechless! this is my first if you can’t tell 😛 i have so many questions yet feel so calm! more than anything though, i just wish i could tell people!!!! this is going to be the hardest thing cuz i CANNOT keep a secret!