How would u feel

If you went to the bank to do some business, and the teller answers her phone. Sounds to you like a personal call. But in all actuality it’s a call from her loved one in prison. And you know what collect calls you cannot just call them back and they can always not call back right away due to long lines for the phones, only 4 phones for 200 people. Anyways, an older lady got very offended today when my coworker answered her phone to talk to her husband who is incarcerated. I can understand where he forgot thinking that she was off at five because every day except for Friday which is the late day we are out of there by five. Totally understandable even tho she told him that where it was easy for him to forget or not remember she said that on the phone. Anyway the older lady who she was waiting on prior to her phone ringing told her before she left that she was very offended that she answered a personal call. This lady had no idea what type of a call it was. So my main point here is who was in the wrong?