Swaddleme by your side?

Does anyone have the swaddleme by your side sleeper? My baby is only a week old, and I can’t get her to sleep in the bassinet. She doesn’t like to be swaddled either. The only way she sleeps is if I’m holding her or in her Bobby lounger. I noticed yesterday that there were warning signs not to let baby sleep in the lounger, so now that has me wondering what to do. I had the lounger in bed with me without any blankets and my hand on her. She also tends to squirm and she gets pretty far on her side already, so I’m nervous she would suffocate. I’m a ftm, and have been doing research about the swaddle me by your side. I’m paranoid if she’s not next to me at all times when she’s asleep, so this seems like a good thing to buy. Did you and your baby like the swaddleme by your side or no? If not, do you have and tips or recommendations?