Baby Russell is here! Waterbirth turned to c section


Russell came to the world at 40+4 days on June 5.

3rd time going to the hospital, this one time was the right time.

We had planned a waterbirth with no medication if possible and we ended up getting the epidural after about 18hours of labor without meds and a baby that was not presenting in the right position. We realized I was not dilating normally and we tried the pitocin and nothing changed.

The doctor came to check baby's position and his head was tilted and his little arm was on the way. Our only option was to get him out.

We made our way to the operation room and not even 10 minutes later baby was out and placed on my chest!

We already got discharged today and are so happy to be home.

The birth did not go at all like my birth plan but I have no regrets. I'm so glad I chose the epidural. It really made a difference in my pain management and helped me get more energy.