Mother in law 😐


Okay so my boyfriend and I have been together for about 3 years and we’ve been through more than normal couples I think. And when I got pregnant I knew he’s mother would have various emotions about it because we live with her and the youngest in the house is 3 and a half. We’ve been planning on moving out this year sense last year and it got more complicated after we found out. But when she found out it didn’t go well at all

And she’s not wanting to be apart of anything related to the baby. I offered to show her the ultrasounds and my man told me it was a bad idea because she thinks that our baby is a mistake. What I’m thinking is what after everything she wants to be apart of the baby’s life? Am I supposed to just be all happy and thankful ? I’m more emotional right now but I have this deep urge to just say “well she didn’t want anything to do with me during my pregnancy what right does she have to our baby after?” Just seems stupid she can’t be happy for us now.

Sorry for the long post just in my feels right now 😬