Plan b and discharge Help please

Took plan b on May 9th and got what I thought was my period on the 19th and it lasted until the 24th. according to Glow I ovulated on June 1st and I took a clear blue digital test on June 4th and came back as not pregnant (I also took one on May 31st and it came back as not pregnant). Despite being stressed and anxious about all of this I got a sense of relief when they came back as not pregnant. However, yesterday at night after a pretty intense workout I noticed a small amount of blood in my discharge that came out when I peed. today, I have noticed a LOT more discharge and the first few times I peed today it was slightly pink/mauve but other than those few times it has been just a lot more and it’s a weird consistency. So my questions are: should

I take another test? If so then when should I take it?(keep in mind that inoculated on June 1). What discharge is considered abnormal after plan b?? Please help me I have posted on here several times bc this is my first time taking plan b and I’m nervous that this sudden burst of different discharge is implantation bleeding or ovulation bleeding or breakthrough bleeding or that the plan b didn’t work😥😥Also idk if it matters but he didn’t cum in me I just am really nervous about potential precum. I know I made a huge mistake thank you for everyone’s responses it means a lot to me I am trying not to stress but it’s so nerve racking especially bc I put myself in this situation. Thank you again please no rude comments