Quick rant: kinda long

So this has been on my mind ever sense it happened so my boyfriend and i were on a date and we ended up a empty park so we started making out and then this guy walk past and say stop be so inappropriate and young lady you shouldn't disrespect yourself like that and we left the park. Im upset because not only were we just kissing but the guy only called out me and not boyfriend like why is it the girl always disrespecting herself why is she labeled as a slut while nobody says anything to the guy im upset because my boyfriend didn't really understand it all he said was babe it's different standards for us. But that boys will be boys is bullshit. Why can't a girl enjoy sex or giving/getting physical pleasure? Why do i have to labeled as a slut? This double standard shit is so stupid like so what if i was making out with my boyfriend at a park why is it any of your business why do i have to lower myself to enjoy sex? And why doesn't he get any shit for it its just not fair that experience ruines my whole night and the date we went on which sucks because i was having so much fun