Worst timing ever!


So I’m over here 40+4 weeks pregnant. My 2 year old caught a fever on Monday. On Tuesday, I also get a fever with aches and chills on top of having the worst pelvic pain. Wednesday, my son seems to be doing better. But then I notice a huge rash on his right elbow. Thought he was just having his usual eczema flare up but every time I try to touch it, he pulls back in pain. Thursday, I’m feeling better but my son’s fever has returned. I also notice his rash is spreading and still painful to the touch. I literally can’t sleep because I’m thinking the worst. Friday morning, I’m able to grab an appointment with the our PCP. Turns out the rash on his arm is an infection and now he’s on antibiotics for 10 days with a f/u appointment next Thursday. I get home from the doctor’s to find my husband home from work, under the covers, with a fever.

I’m suppose to have a baby any day now! I’m trying not to freak out but I’m kinda low key freaking out right now. And the thought of having to leave my son to give birth while he’s sick breaks my heart. This is not how I imagined my labor to go.