31w4d starting to get nervous

Due August 6 and realize I don’t have a lot of time left. ... I’ll be 40 next week, first baby but two miscarriages prior to this. Anyone else terrified of labor and delivery?? I think I’m just in shock that I only have about 8 weeks left I can’t believe it. I’m excited but totally scared at the same time. I feel very alone. We don’t have family nearby as we moved to a different state in 2015 so I worry about having help, I’m worried about being a good mom, I worry about all the things I’ll worry about once she’s born like SIDS , and just always wanting to protect her. But right now what I’m most scared of is childbirth. We just started taking a birth and baby class I think that’ll help ease my fears. Having a baby is a beautiful and amazing thing, it’s also scary knowing we are pushing A human out of our bodies. How has being a mom

Changed you? Was labor and delivery as hard as you thought it would be?