Only Child or have siblings..

Kallie • Momma to a beautiful daughter, Claira!

Okay guys, I need help. I need all of your pros and cons: being an only child, having a sibling 3-4 years apart, and 4-6 (about) years apart.

I have a little girl that's almost 2, and at times shes too much to handle, and I dont wanna be pregnant again (haha) but me and my brother were so close (2 1/2 years apart) when we were little, we never fought but I know not all siblings are like that. Ugh, my boyfriend MAYBE wants another one in a couple of years but I think that might be too long, like they wont play together, like what I would want. I dont really have baby fever and I dont really want to be pregnant again. I just felt excluded from "fun things", not to mention all the "fun" pregnancy stuff... I've always wanted two kids but my little girl is too much too handle at times, like I said above. Also we dont have a lot of money right now, I feel stressed when I think about our current situation and then having another baby, but would be worth it in the long run. I dont know. Encourage me to have just one child or having more please. Thanks in advance!

Ps. I'm a stay at home mom