Cycle Buddy - Ov. June 11th


Hi ladies 😊

My name is Kim, and I am 32. My hubby and I are TTC cycle #3 for #2. We have a 4.5 year old daughter, whom is excited to have a sibling.

A little background:

I suffered a blighted ovum back in July/August, so we were put on hold until October. Thankfully, no D&C. Tried again, and got a negative. Went on bc pills until April, and started again.

My daughter was conceived in 2 cycles, so I was expecting the same. But we're praying about it and leaving it up to God. We decided if it doesn't happen this year, we'll no longer try. I'll be 33 in October and hubby will be 36 in September, and we weren't planning on having anymore kids after that time. We love our daughter, and she's amazing. But I'm

hoping God has a sibling in her future ❤