Be better.

How are we going to raise our children to be better versions of ourselves? When all we do is tear other women down. Criticize their choices. Tell them they are bad mothers.

How can we honestly expect our daughters to do better when we can’t even stop ourselves from calling each other bitches.

My husbands grandmother called my 3 month old daughter a bitch because she doesn’t like to be picked up by her great granny. I laughed because she meant no harm by it. But I have been thinking about it and I’m sorry but she is 3 months old she doesn’t even know how to pick her nose yet.

A friend of mind (or so I thought) told her sister it’s hard to watch me be a mother when I’m struggling and my daughter is such a difficult baby. (She is teething, we have off days as adults too. Pain sucks) (her baby also has off days. And I just tell her it’s going to be okay it’s just a phase)

That is the kind of behavior I’m talking about. Our kids need to learn from a young age that, that behavior isn’t acceptable. And that manners no matter how old you are is the right way.

And stop talking about new moms. How about asking if you can help.

I was raised to respect my elders no matter what. But I’ve learnt that being old doesn’t automatically earn you respect. It’s a two way street. Be courteous but don’t be a walk over.

I too used to be mean and tear people down. And I’m not going to anymore. I’ll save my judgement and offer a helping hand instead.