Am I wrong for feeling sexually violated?

My boyfriend and I just hit a year and 7 months on the first. We just graduated from middle school (yay for us 😂) anyway there is this guy, I’m going to call him A. This all started in April - May. Let me start off by saying my family is going through a lot and not paying for my $50 phone bill every month so I don’t have data whenever I want it. A has a hotspot he let me use for when I need to text my mom on sc or my coach on groupme for something. My stomach tends to honestly growl a lot, and I had A in my 5th and 6th period classes which are at the end of the day so I’d always be hungry (I sit by him in both of these classes) . He would make this weird noise and touch my stomach. Then it led to him pulling up a picture of a girl who had a small butt and he would point to mine. I just laughed it off because I am really petite, I’m 4’11 and 81 lbs. I don’t have a big butt. Then, he started poking my butt. Then touched it. He touched my thighs and even tried to tickle them. He would tickle under my knee. It all made me so uncomfortable. I didn’t tell my boyfriend, he would’ve been mad. I didn’t want him to do something stupid and get suspended. Our school has a 20 day rule, where if you get suspended during that time period you cannot graduate. I told my boyfriend yesterday. He was kind of mad at me for not telling him sooner. Am I wrong for not telling him? My boyfriend also said it was kind of my fault because I didn’t tell A to stop. He doesn’t get how awkward and uncomfortable I was, I couldn’t manage a stop or no out. He said I basically let him touch me for a hotspot, but later said he said it out of anger and didn’t mean it. My feelings are still hurt. Am I wrong for not telling him? Is this my fault? I know it’s not as extreme as rape but I was sort of violated? I’m just so dreading high school to start because my boyfriend hates A so so much right now and he has every right to. Even I hate him. Am I overreacting?