The Waterpark- Part 14

I’m still seated on the steps when I hear Carter tell his mom he’s going to go check on me.

“ Shit!” I whisper. I dart back upstairs. I jump back into his bed and cover up. I give myself a moment to catch my breath. Then I pretend to be asleep. I hear footsteps coming up the stairs and walking into the room. I feel the other side of the bed sink as he climbs into it. He moves my hair to the side and kisses my neck. I pretend to have just woken up.

“ Hi.” I say and turn towards him drowsily.

“ Good morning beautiful.” He says as he strokes my cheek.

“ How’d you sleep?” I ask.

“ Good. How about you?”

“ Good.” I respond. “ So listen,” I start. “ I think I’m gonna go back to my house today. I don’t wanna be a burden.” I say, playing with my hair.

“ Baby, you are not a burden. You can stay here as long as you want to.”

“ I might not be a burden to you, but what about your mom?”

“ She’ll just have to deal with it.” He states.

“ It doesn’t seem like she likes me very much.” I say, looking up at him.

“ My mom is...not the warmest person. She just needs to get to know you.” He says, looking back at me. I nod.

“ Well, I’m gonna go get ready.” I say and start to get up.

“ Wait, wait.” He says grabbing my arm and pulling me back into bed. He smirks and kisses my neck. He begins to give me a hickey. I go to pull his head up and he pins my arms above me.

“ Not too high up.” I say, giving in.

“ Yes ma’am.” He whispers. I moan as he starts to suck harder and in different places. He finishes his hickeys and moves to my lips. We kiss each other with so much passion. He licks my bottom lip and I grant him permission. I moan as our tongues dance together. He moves from my lips to my shirt. He lifts the shirt up and kisses up and down my stomach.

“ Mm.” I moan. I pull his head up from my stomach and connect my lips with his. He reaches down and rubs his hands along the fabric at the bottom of my shorts.

“ Oh.” I moan. He starts to rub harder and faster. I tug on his hair and he groans. He starts to pull my shorts down. I stop him.

“ We’re gonna be late.” I say panting.

“ It’s the second to last day of school.” He says, as he continues to pull my shorts down. “ Everyone is going to be late.” He pulls my shorts all the way down and tosses them on the floor. I start to tug on his shorts, impatiently. He stands up and pulls them off, to reveal a huge boner. He drops them on the floor next to mine and locks the door. He saunters back over to me and gets on top once again. He kisses my lips, my neck and my stomach. He continues to rub me from the fabric of my panties.

“ Oh.” I say, thrusting my hips up. I take his hand from my pussy and lower it into my panties.

“ Oh.” We both moan. He starts to rub my clit and I gasp.

“ You like that baby?” He moans. I moan in response. Out of nowhere, he inserts a finger inside of me. I gasp. He fingers me hard. He inserts two fingers.



He fists me. We both moan. He takes his hand out of my panties and licks his knuckles. I moan. I want him to eat me out so bad, but I know he won’t. He’ll save it for later, so he can do it right. I flip him over and push him to lay down. I sit in between his legs and grip his thighs and grind my pussy on his member.

“ Oh God.” He groans. Closing his eyes in pleasure. As I grind I kiss his neck. I give him several hickeys. I start to grind harder and faster. We both moan loudly. I really hope his mom can’t hear this. I stop grinding and run my finger along his member through the boxers. I reach down his boxers and massage his member.

“ Oh.” He groans. I play with his balls and member while grinding. He grips the bed sheets. He starts to leak so I stop.

“ Oh, screw you, Shay.” He groans.

“ Hey,” I say innocently. “ just giving you a taste of your own medicine.” I kiss him one last time, then get up.

“ Get ready!” I shout. I shower, brush my teeth, do my hair, and put on a little bit of mascara. Carter’s still in the shower.

“ Hey babe?!” I yell to him.

“ Yeah?!” He yells back.

“ I don’t have any of my clothes here!”

“ Just grab one of my hoodies and sweatpants!” He says.

“ I was hoping you’d say that!” I squeal in excitement. He laughs.

“ You’re such a dork.” He chuckles. I laugh. I slip on his sweatpants and his hoodie. I don’t have any bras, so I decide not to wear one.

It’s about 10 minutes later that Carter is finally ready.

“ Finally!” I say throwing my hands up in the air.

“ Hey, it takes a lot of work to look like me.” He says, posing. I laugh.

“ Yeah, I’m sure.” We arrive at school in less than 10 minutes in Carter’s car. Heads turn and Carter wraps his arm around me.

“ You okay?” He whispers.

“ Yeah.” I whisper back. “ Fine. I just wish they wouldn’t stare.”

“ I know. “ He says in a lullaby like voice. We walk up the steps and immediately someone wraps their arm around Carter’s shoulders.

“ Hey buddy.” Jaime says, joyfully.