16 and “pregnant”


When I was 16 I fell pregnant. I felt like w disappointment to my family even though my grandma and great grandma had children at a young age.

I was contemplating whether to keep, adopt or have an abortion but in my heart I knew I wanted the baby.

ANYYWAYY, I was going to have my 6 week scan with my mum and boyfriend but I didn’t drink enough water so I had an internal examination. The lady was moving it all around and said “sorry, I can’t see anything” and my heart broke. His mum and sister were both midwives and came up to me all excited for the pictures but of course there weren’t any.

The doctor advised me to come back as they eventually found something but it was too small for how far along I was. When I came back they told me that it didn’t grow and I need to have surgery.

They examined the growth but turns out I had a molar pregnancy. I don’t know why but 2 years later it still upsets me and being around people that are pregnant is a little bit tough. I just don’t know how to get over it.

The pictures are from a little diary I wrote when I was 16 😅