How to stop your kid screaming? Gets me agitated, gives me a headache and p!sses me off

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How the hell do I stop my 2 year old from SCREAMING randomly when he's happy and sad.

He hits me, bites me and screams.

I have to wrestle his clothes on in the morning.

I have to bloody bribe him to do simple shit like go into the house.

I have the worst headache cause he seems to wait till he's RIIIIIIGHT next to me before he fking screams!!!!!!!!!! My ears are sore af.

How do you get him to stop playing up?!?!?

I'm a first time mum. A single parent. The father is fking a waste of space of a man living in another country in America doesn't pay child support and has nothing to do with the kid so alllllllllll this strain is on me.