What to do:(?


Hey everyone

So im having a little issue with my boyfriend well we are in relationship for more than a year and just 2 days ago we were talking and he said somethings that im scared of everything im sometimes boring for instance i have phobia to spiders like when i see one my whole body starts shaking and I have moved to poland and here ooh there are thousands of them living around! And i live alone for now so moved out from my family and my own country so its quite a big risk in my life but there are things i just cant control for example my phobia!! Or I never used to ride a bicycle back in my home town but here he told me im boring cause i never use bike alone and why i prefer to stay at home when he is not around!

Well i have only one hour class per day so i go out usually to that sometimes shopping and walking around cause alone its only thing i enjoy ...

i dont know at some points he is right i dont like to go out alone and its hard to make friends in totally a new country “i should mention im living here for about 9 months and my only contact is with my bf and his friends that are from another city in poland”

So anyway he was telling me be crazy try new stuff but recently i cant find job and everything and feeling alone is making me unmotivated so you guys have any good idea?

Is it me that i should really change myself? Or he just asking too much sometimes? Or i should try meet new people? How i should do that cause everywhere i go its more like someone try to hit on me and i cant make friends :/ so what to do :( ?