Hmm...does this look like a positive on a cheapie?


Took this am using FMU...pic taken right at 5 min mark. Repeated it and it looked the same-would you go out and get a First Response to double check?

PS I have PCOS & this cycle has been a super crazy and long one, so I am not even 100% sure how many DPO I am but I think I am around 12-14 days according to my BBT chart!

Since I was always comparing my charts to those who got their BFP here is my crazy-ass chart from this month! I actually didn’t even think I had a real period since April because all I had was light spotting for a few days at random times in May, but had a feeling something was up so I was taking tests at least weekly (which were all negative). Then once it looked like I FINALLY actually ovulated and my temps stayed up I finally got my positive don’t give up tracking!!!