Something is telling me that I’m pregnant.


So I’ve been having a really weird week this week. And I legit feel like I’m pregnant. However I keep getting negative test back.

Here me out. Something keeps telling me I’m pregnant. I’ve had major symptoms. And weird dreams. For example,this whole week I’ve either dreamed of fish (they say if you dream of fish,you or someone else is pregnant) and I’ve had dreams that I’m pregnant.

I been feeling sick. Like if I don’t eat in the morning or throughout the day.

My nipples and boobs are extremely sore and sensitive. I feel like they weight a ton. I couldn’t even wear a bra today because they hurt soooo bad.

I’ve been having discharge like crazy. At first I thought it was ovulation but the amount I’ve had can’t be. I’ve never had this much in my life.

I’ve been emotional this week.

I’ve been hungry and craving everything.

And my husbands been puking! I know that’s not really a sign but yeah. 😂

I’ve taken two test,one Wednesday night and one Thursday morning and I could’ve swore I seen a faint faint line. But I think I’m just crazy.

I just feel very off and feel like I’m pregnant but my test are negative. Anyone here with negative test and pregnant? I just feel like I could be that person but not sure.🙄