Husband is pissed off because I don’t want to put BUMPERS in my son’s crib!?!!

Okay so our son will be 9 months soon and for a couple months now he hits his head on the crib. Like a LOT. We’re both very concerned about it. Being first time parents crazy things pop into our head such as he’s going to have head trauma, he’s going to ruin his brain cells, etc. 😂

We JUST bought the HALO monitor by Motorola that attaches to the crib, so there’s a piece that sticks were worried he’s going to hit his head on this too!! We’re thinking if he put the mattress down it may help? I posted a picture of the monitor on a crib to show you guys.

Anyways, we spoke to a doctor about it and she said that we can get bumpers, but to make sure they’re not too thick in case of him climbing out or the crib, my husband spoke to his mom about it behind my back and she said she had bumpers and nothing happened and that we should get them.

It’s been a month now and he keeps telling me to order them and asking if I bought them yet. I think I kept procrastinating in doing it because I just don’t feel comfortable and I’m scared. My baby can roll on his tummy and is now a tummy sleeper and I know he’s much older now, but I’m just scared. But then again, I’m scared about him damaging his head or brain, etc.

I just don’t know what the right decision is here!!!

Well 5 minutes ago our son woke up and banged his head hard and was crying. My husband looked at me and said “did you buy the bumpers yet” and I said “honestly I don’t feel comfortable with them, I’m scared, I’m not buying them” he said “they’re fine” and I said “no I’m not listening to anyone, I’m not listening to your mom, this is my child and I’m making the decision” he said “who are you listening to” I said “‘myself! I will make the best decision for my baby” he slammed the door and left?

Like what!!!?