A break

Sarai • 💕 2-21-19

After Wednesday night & Thursday night of no sleep for me, Friday I was with baby all day. Hubby gets home & has to deal with the electrician that was working in our basement. Then we had guests over so he was on the grill, I got a chance to shower before they arrived. Baby went to sleep her usual time 8pm & while I was dying to go to sleep, guests didn’t leave until 11pm. So that’s the time I got to sleep.

I slept & he stayed up with her, 12am 2am & 4am when she woke up. Then again at 7:30am. I woke up at 9:30am feeling so much better, after sleeping a whole night.

He’s feeding her I ask him what he wants me to make for breakfast, he says & I quote “I would rather you grab her so I can catch a break.”

I smiled & said “it’s real isn’t it?”

He’s a great help, & he’s a wonderful father. It was funny to me that he got a glimpse of everyday life with her & wont ever complain about my facial expressions when I need a break lol.