My husband took a job that he has to go to training for 6 months and once he’s done we are moving 8 hours away to south Texas. He will be done by November or December. Our lease is up the end of August because we originally thought we’d be leaving in August but some things have changed. So, if we decided to go month to month they are going to raise our rent almost $200 more than we pay now which is not ideal. Our only other option is to go stay with my dad until we leave which would be September-November or December. Meaning I’d have our 4 year old 2 year old and our newborn at his house. (I’m due October 9th) I’ll have the extra help while my husband is away for training because my dad and step mom will be there. We’d also be saving $1500 a month or more until we move if we did stay with my dad. So my question is, if you were in this situation what would you do?