Proving to my babies Anything is possible!!!


Yesterday was big day for me. 13 years ago I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I didn’t graduate....😞. I lived with that shame for years. This last year right before I found out about my little Hope I decided it’s time to show my 10 year old son it’s possible to fix your mistakes and make something better of your life even if your scared. I was lucky I only missed my diploma by 1 credit so all I had to do was take and English college class I would get it but that doesn’t mean it didn’t come without struggles. Being a full time employee and a Mom, pregnant the whole semester and a wife to a race husband was difficult. I can say it took everything in me to keep pushing through, but I did and yesterday to see my son cry because he was proud of his mom made every stressful long night worth it. 7 and 1/2 months pregnant I finally walked across that stage (and held it together I might as 😂 )and got that diploma! So if any of you ladies are struggling just remember You Can Do This. I did and I never thought I would.