This is weird but..

Rissa🤱🤰 • Octavia Rose 08/07/2020😍🥰❤️ Rainbow baby on Board🤰

Okay yall. So i was have pregnancy symptoms like nausea, lightheaded, cramps, and SEVER cervix cramps so i tested and got vvvfl on a clear blue on the 1st. 20 minutes later my period started. Lasted normal for 5 days ended 2 days ago But i still was not feeling right so i tested today and the first one was a 12 hour hold (11:30 last night to 11:30 this morning) i couldnt believe my eyes so literally 10 minutes later i had to pee again and took another one that came out negative. Is this possibly real?? Or?? Two different brand but look exactly the same. One is U check and the other is new choice (both from the grocery store)


3mm (test 2)

I called am on call dr at my gyno and asked why the second one was negative she said 1. 10 minutes is not enough time to have hcg show. And 2 different brands have different sensitivity. But the tests look exactly the same!!!??? According to the box the u check (first test) has a higher sensitivity than most.. All boxes say that to get people to buy them... So opinions yall???

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