Doctor was wrong!!!


I went in for my first ultrasound Wed. He said I was measuring a week behind and couldn't see a heartbeat. I was supposed to be 7 weeks said I was only measuring 5.6. He said I could have just ovulated late or it's another miscarriage. I had just had a miscarriage in March. So I'm freaking out. He ordered me to have blood work to see if my levels rise. I do my blood Wed. Then go back in Friday. And after I do my blood Friday the nurse calls and said they messed up the blood test and I'd have to start all over. I'm pissed. So I went back to give more blood. So then I wouldn't find out answers till Tuesday next week. Then I actually ended up in the er yesterday due to fainting and feeling dizzy. And they are thinking it was all the blood draws they were doing. They did an ultrasound and there was a baby measuring 7 weeks and had a heartbeat. I'm of course relived at this point and thanking God. Mad at my doctor for rushing my first ultrasound making me think I'm miscarrying again. Going to be looking for a new doctor.

More information I know people arent perfect and he was just going off the machine. But he wouldn't listen to my questions or concerns. My last period was April 16th. I got a positive May 13th. If I ovulated a week late how could I get a positive. He would just ignore me and talk to the nurse who was in the room. If I'm not comfortable with him being my doctor anymore then that's my right. I have great respect for doctors and nurses definitely a job I couldn't do. But with babies being his profession and with my miscarriage history he should have acted more considerate and not just cold and ignoring his patient.