Was this uncalled for?

Have you ever had an endometrial/uterine lining biopsy? Can someone reassure me that it is very uncomfortable and painful? I had to switch from my most amazing, kind, loving OBGYN due to an insurance change. I think I got the worst doctor in Southern California. He told me NOTHING about the procedure, even when I asked. He told me it was like a Pap smear. The MA scrolled to the bottom of the waiver and had me sign a consent form (“sign here please”) but didn’t say a word about what I would experience. I had to scroll up to try to read what I was signing.

It was VERY uncomfortable. I’ve had natural birth but this was a bit traumatizing, scraping the inside of my uterus for five minutes. I’m kind of really angry that my doctor was so abrupt and neglected to explain what it was. No instructions for aftercare either.

Was that a jerk move or is it just me?