Relationship issues


The guy I’m with now he claims he love/respects me. But he has a problem with my 7y & 1y old. My background with my children father is...well we don’t speak to 1 another about anything but he pays cs for both. So with that being said my 2 children are being financially taking care of by their sperm donor. Anyways he still thinks he’s not the father to our 1y old son. We have had a dna test to solve that issue. I ‘TRY’ to be very protective of my children they mean the world to me. Back to my current relationship...the guy who I’m dating tends to be a lot rougher/tougher with his 3 children. He lets his children fight each other. He rather throw them on the couch/or bed. Basically to me he’s being way to hard on his 6,5,4y old children. I told him you’re NOT about to slam my children around like rag dolls. Lately in the news the mother’s boyfriends has being killing children under 7. And I am so protective of mines.

So this morning he gets angry with me because I was playing with him and snatches his shoe from under my 1y old son foot. Luckily my baby kept his balance and didn’t fall back and hit his head on the wall. I said what the fuck are you serious right now. He ignored me so when he reached for his other shoe I kicked it to the door. He kept saying this is my Q to leave. Now he wants to talk to me any kind of way (just rude as hell). He did leave and I did message him now he wants to short text me back so I stopped. I told him I’ll leave him alone.

Am I being to sensitive about my children?

Or is he being an asshole?

What should I do?