Taking things slow

Okay so I’m seeing this guy. We’re NOT dating because we’re supposed to be taking things slow. Every time I want to hang out with him he says he’s in a bad mood from work and wants to be alone. But whenever he wants to hang out I drop everything I’m doing to hang out with him because I want to spend time with him. He has canceled on me more than 5 times, I have only canceled on him 2 times. After the second time he messaged me and said that things weren’t working out. We still messaged for a few days but nothing like we were before. Then after 2 days be messaged me and asked me to have dinner with his dad that I’ve never met. I ended up going to Palmer with him and met his dad. We talked the entire ride out there about him and his “destructive” behavior because of his bad moods from work. He’s in therapy and getting help. He apologized and now we’re “seeing” each other again. Last night he messaged me and said he missed me. I went over to his house, hung out and had sex then, he was super tired so I ended up leaving. He said he wants to take things slow but to me this isn’t slow.. I don’t know what to do. I need advise. I feel like he’s just using me but then I also want to see if it works out. Thank you for reading and helping 😘