Here's my IVF cost quote. What did you pay?

Angels ā€¢

As promised in a previous post, I am sharing our <a href="">IVF</a> quote from The Fertility Center of Las Vegas. I am 39 y/o and hubby 48 y/o. We have elected for the PGS/PGT due to age. I have to admit, I underestimated by 10kšŸ¤” I'll pay anything but hubby understandably is reserved as this is no guarantee and we already spent 10k on tubal reversal. Baby dust to all!!

Preliminary testing...

Female/Male lab work


U/S transvaginal, sonogram, Sperm analysis


<a href="">IVF</a> cycle

$14,900 (includes retrieval, anesthesia, freezing for 1 year, unlimited embryo transfer until live birth, ICIS)



Mock transfer



$4,000 - $6,000

Embryo transfer medications per transfer

$1,400 - $1800

Grand total

$27, 725 - $30,725 šŸ™ŠšŸ™ŠšŸ™ŠšŸ™ŠšŸ™Š

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