9 days late pls help!!!

So on May 12 which was a Saturday @3am I let my bf finish inside me. At the time I had been on the mini pill for 2 months. But now it will be about 3 months being on the mini pill. I then got so scared cause my friend told me her doctor said you have to have protected sex on BC for 2-3 months. I was worried so bought a Plan B May 14 which was a Monday @11 am. I took it because that week I was sick and took medication (pencilin). I asked the pharmacists if it affects my BC so that’s why it bought the plan B. She said better to be safe. I am 9 days late 😭 last month I was 8 days late but I wasn’t worrying cause I had protected sex so I knew it was the mini pill that made it late. Do you all think I’m fine?