Was he wrong for this?

Dimpoles 🎀

So today my boyfriend told me to go to his house that we just chill out his house. He told me that his friends invited him to drink but he told me it would late at night 8pm or 9pm. I got to his place at 3:30pm we were just sitting talking to his parents when he showed me that his friends texted him saying they would start at 5:30 instead. i got upset bc he said late at night they would go drink. so his friends just told him 5:30 instead. it hit 4:30pm and he started to get ready at 5pm he was ready and he told we had to go. I got upset bc i went to hang out with him and 2hrs later he’s telling me we have to bc he’s going to his friends. i feel like he blew me off to hang with his friends when he was telling me he really wanted to see me today..

Is that wrong of him or is it just me ????